Individuelle Online-Sprachkurse – warum lohnen sie sich?

Online-Englisch-Einzelsprachkurse für die Sprachschule Cambridge School of English

Individual Online Language courses are a great way of learning – especially language learning – for people of all age groups – children, teens, adults or even older people!


Thanks to the individual lessons, the teachers’ full attention is focused on you and your personal learning preferences and needs, in contrast to group courses, during which the teachers’ attention has to be divided between all the students.

At Cambridge School of English language school you will find a great amount of different individual lessons!

Read on to find out why that is a great possibility for you!

Online-Englisch-Einzelsprachkurse für die Sprachschule Cambridge School of English

The benefits of our Individual Online Courses:

  • Our individual language lessons are, due to their formula, entirely flexible – you will be able to choose your own start date of the course, its’ level of difficulty, the schedule, the topics and whether you want to learn with a native, or non-native speaker. Our individual online lessons are the way to success – which is your personal learning goal!


  • Flexibility and professionalism are the main characteristics of our language courses and the teachers that conduct them. You can modify the topic, the learning program, the level – the plan of the course will be specifically made by our teacher and a team of methodologists to meet your requirements! 


  • The topic of the course – as mentioned before – depends entirely on you! Are you a teenager, in need of help in getting ready for an upcoming test? Or maybe you’re an adult who needs to meet new standards and take on challenges in their workplace? It doesn’t matter what age you are and what you need from us – with us you will meet your own goals!


  • Different methods of learning – our team of methodologists oversees all the courses in our school, including the individual lessons. Thanks to innovative techniques the process of learning is faster, more interesting, effective and stimulating. 


  • Our individual English courses include many language topics – such as General English courses, Business English courses and English for Specific Purposes courses.


To learn more about our English for Specific Purposes online  courses, click here, or take a look at our blog!

  • Along with the individual online course you gain access to proprietary, professional and diverse teaching materials that will help you familiarize yourself with the subject and get used to the learning process.

Online-Englisch-Einzelsprachkurse für die Sprachschule Cambridge School of English

Individual Online Courses for Children

Learning languages can be helpful and effective even for young children – that is why at Cambridge School of English we offer You individual online lessons, which will heighten your child’s skills – not only in the language sphere, but also in their general development!! Individual Online Courses for Children is a way of spending free time in a safe, comfortable environment while also expanding the child’s language, cognitive, manual and motor skills. 

Furthermore, learning English at a young age can successfully prevent the formation of a language barrier in later life and motivate the young student to keep on expanding their knowledge!

Click here, to learn more about and sign up for the individual online lessons for children!

Online-Englisch-Einzelsprachkurse für die Sprachschule Cambridge School of English

Individual online lessons for teenagers

Our individual online lessons for teenagers are a way of learning a language in a comfortable atmosphere, to find help with problems at school (tutoring) and to prepare for Zertifizierungsprüfungen, which are needed during the recruitment for foreign universities.

Online-Englisch-Einzelsprachkurse für die Sprachschule Cambridge School of English

Individual online courses for adults

Our offer of individual online lessons for adults is very wide, because that form of learning is most desired by people of this age group – who are a lot of the time busy and overworked.


During our course you will not only master General English, but You will too learn Business English and English for Specific Purposes. Thanks to these courses, you will be able to take your career to new heights or start working abroad. You can also prepare with us for certification exams in many different languages, needed, for example, to obtain a high position at work abroad.


Our Individual Online Courses available in many different languages is also an ideal option for university students, who need tutoring and help during their learning process.


Several of our individual courses also offer you the chance to engage in blended-learning. This approach combines traditional teacher-led classes with self-directed activities on our e-learning platform. This method of learning has proven to be highly effective, enabling you to review concepts multiple times and engage in continuous practical application.

Online-Englisch-Einzelsprachkurse für die Sprachschule Cambridge School of English

Individual Online Lessons for elders

It is never too late to learn something new, especially a new language – so needed in today’s world. If learning a foreign language will be a productive and interesting use of a lot of free time for you, or an opportunity to make contact with your family abroad, or  to continue learning something that you no longer remember – we are here to help you meet your language goal!

If you are not sure which course would be right for you, we encourage you to get in contact with us! We will figure out the perfect course for you together!

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If you want to learn more about all of our courses, keep on reading our blog!

Online-Englisch-Einzelsprachkurse für die Sprachschule Cambridge School of English

Modern and innovative way of learning individually - our Online Business Simulation packages!

Thanks to our Online Business Simulation packages, made in cooperation with EDUardo Business Simulation, your process of learning specialized and Business English will become extremely effective. By simulating real business workplace situations you will learn how to use the language, specialized terminology, phrases, all while also expanding your professional skills! Our Online Business Simulation packages include the following topics: